Reviews Titanium

  • Michael
    The Gel helped to not only increase size, but and put new feelings in sex. A month of use, was able to achieve a magnification of about 4 cm), basically a bigger and not necessary. According to the duration of sexual intercourse became longer, almost twice, and after the first erection and ejaculation, stimulation is coming very quickly. I think the main secret of the regularity of the procedures and to correctly paint the gel without undue pressure. The woman just excited, full of harmony and understanding in the bed, which is very important on the 8-m to year of marriage. I recommend titanium!
  • Natascha
    Husband used titanium 1.5 months, in that time, managed to to 4.5 cm to increase the length and 1 cm diameter of the penis. He was shocked by such a result, in the nights have become brighter and more interesting. I write opinion, to recommend to the girls it is the means. Help your husband and yourself to achieve new results. Husband device new size, become more confident in ourselves, soon we're waiting to improve the work. In general, some pluses from the gel.
  • Gerhard
    The Gel is a multifunctional, I took advantage of otherwise. To increase the size of the pay every day in the evening, is not important, it will be sex or not, just as the healing ointment. If the planned meeting with the girl, then the fat before sexual intercourse. In such a case, the gel works as an excellent stimulant. It is worth it to know how the tide of blood to the groin, the skin becomes hot and appear erection. You can layer the stronger, and then Titanium excellent descend as a lubricant. It intensifies the feelings, and sex brings even more fun.
  • Peter
    Titanium increase in size, but still gave a solid 5. Immediately after application of the gel, in the groin appears a pleasant warmth, a friend stands up and increases the time of intercourse. An erection is a stable, sex prolongs the feeling of live. I note that the drug acts and the sensitivity of the women. When more rich applying the gel acts as a lubricant, that when the dryness of the vagina greatly facilitates the penetration. I have the same improved quality of sperm, earlier it was more dense and has a not entirely pleasant aroma. Now is a girlfriend itself initiates the oral caresses, and when to avoid it. Titanium a good effect on my health, love life and mental state. I became calmer and more confident in yourself and not fear and the misses in bed, or just lose the desire. Libido is exactly the opposite, just more intense: I'm ready to fight without long preludes, and other stimulation. My pack didn't have and I will continue to order more. The price for this effective and useful tool at all ridiculous, it is cheaper to only gift. On the pages of the application are executed quickly, brings without delay.
  • Tobias
    Titanium operate gradually and has a complex effect. On 1. week, no special changes. Just went with the accumulation of useful substances in the deep layers of the skin and spacious bodies. Despite the fact that the effect is only superficial, the active ingredients quickly penetrate into the blood circulation. 2. week to improve erection. She became more rugged and long. The sensitivity of the genital organs, increased. Began the slow addition of dimensions in length and in girth. 3. week sexual organ gained a more attractive shape, the crown is clearly the shape. Increased the average length of sexual intercourse, the thrill of sex became completely different. More fun he got, and me and my partner. On the 4-th week of the dimensions reached a maximum. At length they rose nearly 5 cm, in circumference 2 see able without an erection parameters have not changed. Apply titanium it is possible to both individually, so together with the girl. It turns into an interesting sexual game. The friction of the gel after a shower (when the skin is well steamed and maximize pores open) gives the best results. The authority is growing at the expense of natural processes, and not with the help of hormones.
Rating Titanium